WIOA Grant Opens Doors to Success

CV-TEC always looks for new ways to boost educational opportunities in the region.

The Career & Technical Education Division of CVES identified the Workers Innovation and Opportunity Act grant as a new pipeline for prosperity.

So CV-TEC placed a bid and eventually received the WIOA grant, which goes toward programming for adult learners, dislocated workers and out of school youth. Clinton County previously held the grant.

“CV-TEC saw this grant as an opportunity to support more residents in Clinton County,” Adult Services Administrator Maria Huntington said. “The more we can do for our region and local residents, the more our economy grows. Additionally, we knew we could help keep qualified employees stay here in the North County if we gave them the opportunity to
skill up, change careers or try something new.”

The WIOA completely funds the CDL, phlebotomy and welding programs. It will also fund up to $7,000 of someone’s tuition if they wish to go into the LPN program.

This grant comes in addition to WIOA Title 2 funding CV-TEC receives for HSE/GED programming. Through this grant, eligible candidates can also receive funding to attend college. Because this is a federal grant, it does not need to be paid back, and there is no requirement to work in New York State for a specific amount of time.

Needless to say when CV-TEC received the grant, there was plenty of excitement.

“I think I did a happy dance when we received the grant,” Huntington said. “We were all excited, but I wasn’t surprised because CVES and CV-TEC have an outstanding record when it comes programming and support services. Thankfully, the Clinton County staff decided to come with the grant, and we can’t say enough great things about them,
their dedication, and commitment to serving participants.”

There are two groups of people who CV-TEC can help with this grant. Katrina Guynup works with youths, people ages 16 to 24. Caroline Goodrow works with adults and
dislocated workers. Both Guynup and Goodrow coordinate the use of grant funds to help people succeed.

“I think this work is really important because the majority of my caseload are CV-TEC programs,” Goodrow said. “We’re funding hundreds of thousands of dollars for people
to be able to be a part of these programs. It’s not only important for CV-TEC to hold this grant, but this work we do can be life-changing for people.”

Damien “Jeremiah” Martinez is someone who benefited from the support that the WIOA Grant offered. Martinez received financial support to attend nursing school and expressed his gratitude toward Goodrow for providing advice and encouragement. CVPH hired Martinez in the Cardiovascular Short Stay Unit.

“The nursing profession has always been my passion, and the support has reaffirmed
my commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others,” Martinez said. “Through this scholarship, they have not only invested in my future but also in the well-being and health of the communities I will serve.”

Martinez is just one example of what CV-TEC hopes become many WIOA beneficiaries.

“When I first meet with the youth, I start by providing them with leadership development, financial literacy and labor market information,” Guynup said. “I can also provide them with a variety of other support services that can help them overcome obstacles that may inhibit them from being able to attend their work experience, GED class or any other experience they may choose. So, the supportive services are really good with giving the youth the help they need to obtain the goals they create with us.”

A great majority of the funding for CV-TEC programs came from this grant even before it was held by CV-TEC. Now that they have the grant it is even easier for CV-TEC and OneWorkSource to offer all the programs and services they do.

“Now more than ever it’s vital that we diversify our funding, and this grant allows just that,” Huntington said. “With additional funding, we can support more residents and also co-enroll them in programming that will allow them to better themselves and become self-sufficient.”


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