Thomas Murray Visits CVES

Internationally known speaker and best-selling author Thomas Murray presented to CVES faculty and staff in the conference center last Friday.

CVES faculty and staff listened to his impactful words, and they participated in team-building activities to gain an even better understanding of Murray’s words of wisdom. Murray’s presentation centered around his book, Personal & Authentic, which reveals the power of designing awe-inspiring experiences that are grounded in relationships and learner-centered by design.

Murray brought fun, engaging activities to keep CVES enthralled with his presentation. One activity focused on the power of communication. In groups of two, one staff member would coach their teammate through a drawing exercise. The partner drawing had to attempt to draw an unknown image on a paper plate atop their head. This exercise was to show how comprehension and communication are essential amongst colleagues and students.

Murray also emphasized the importance of a supportive culture amongst faculty, staff and students. Murray asked attendees to take one minute to show a partner a photo from their camera roll and explain it. Most participants showed a spouse, a pet or loved ones. This was to show participants that everyone comes into work with different stories each day, and how culture can positively or negatively affect them.

CVES wants to thank Murray for his wonderful presentation and uplifting staff through his powerful messages and stories. CVES looks forward to implementing the themes discussed throughout the presentation.