Middle School Intensive Therapeutic Support Program’s Class Trip to the Indian Grill Restaurant

As part of their World Cultures unit, the Middle School Intensive Therapeutic Support Program (MSITSP) class has been learning about Ancient India. To link what they learned in school to everyday life, teacher Arianna Menard took her students on a class trip to the Indian Grill to enjoy a traditional Indian meal together. The students were very receptive to this event and were excited to experience various aspects of Indian culture.

Our students practiced table manner and social etiquette while exploring a local restaurant in our community. They experienced traditional Indian cuisine as well as traditional Indian music. A highlight of the trip was when the students interviewed the restaurant staff to get a in depth look at Indian culture – see the Q & A below. The class was able to spend time conversing with and listening to the staff explain what it is like to live in India. This was an amazing experience for the students.

They were able to bring the ideas learned in the classroom to everyday life in their own community. Students left with a new appreciation for cultural diversity in our area. Due to the success of this venture, teacher Adrianna Menard will be continuing to look for opportunities that allow students to interact with various cultures within our community.

In another classroom project, Arianna Menard’s students have just started a cultural heritage project where students will explore their own heritage/cultural background or interview a friend to learn about various cultures.

MSITSP class’s Indian Grill interview questions and answers.

  1. What brought you to America?
    A. Destiny brought me here.
  2. What is your favorite American food?
    A. Hamburger and Shrimp.
  3. What is your favorite American sport?
    A. Basketball.
  4. What do you miss about India?
    A. Everything. The people, the places, everything.
  5. Will you ever go back to India to visit?
    A. No, this is my home now.
  6. What is your dream?
    A. My dream is to own my own restaurant.
  7. What is in the after-dinner mints?
    A. Candied fennel seeds. They are very good.