Image for the article on Jordan Wendling and High School Math and Science.

We’ve started off very well on our side of the high school. The new students that have graduated from the middle school are adjusting very well to their new classrooms and schedules. In ELA, the 9th graders have already finished their first book reports, and are on their third vocab test of the quarter. Biology and Personal Finance classes are preparing for their second chapter tests, and Algebra is nearing the end of chapter 1.

They seem to enjoy the Kahoot and Quizizz instruction that we’re using regularly. The Biology students prepared Powerpoint presentations on topics of their choosing, which included the Amazon Rainforest burning, the effects of appendix removal on decreased Parkinson’s risk and the decreasing bee population. Personal Finance got to experience a make-shift classroom stock market, and are attempting to use their lessons to win more money than their classmates.