As a leader in education for the North Country, CVES has a goal, a mission, even a calling to promote equity, inclusion and acceptance among our student population, our CVES employees, and the greater community.  Our official Core Beliefs statement begins with the declaration that “Students are our first priority,” and continues with our guiding principle that “We act with integrity, fostering respect for all.”   For the past seventy years, CVES has been a regional education leader who has worked diligently to support our students, component districts and our North Country communities in all areas.

Recent events around the country – violence directed at Black people and the nationwide social movements to confront racism and raise awareness of injustice and discrimination – has shown us that we need to speak up and do more to be part of the solution.

The CVES Board and District Superintendent have composed a statement on behalf of CVES regarding our beliefs and our intention to address these critical issues.  We acknowledge the important role we serve and want to demonstrate our entire BOCES support of Equity, Inclusion and Acceptance that embraces a commitment to do more to promote positive change in our communities and to fight racism and discrimination in all its forms.

We want to share our intent to stop and prevent discrimination and bullying and to promote kindness, equity, acceptance and inclusion among the students of our 16 component school districts, with events and programs that involve students in developing strategies to accomplish these goals moving forward.

Please read CVES’ statement (web link below) and join us in creating a safe and equal educational environment for all our children and families.