CV-TEC Welcomes District Principals

Over the course of the school year, CV-TEC welcomed component district’s high school principals to campus. “Bring your HS Principal to CV-TEC Day” provided the opportunity for principals to see how their students are thriving in their respective CTE programs.

Principals learned more about what students were learning and witnessed the passionate work their students are producing at CV-TEC.

“It helps the students feel validated that the work they’re doing here was equal to the work that happens at their districts,” CV-TEC Principal Adam Facteau said. “When the visiting principals come, they get the opportunity to see their students in a different environment and classrooms they’ve elected to be in.”


Principals were able to visit the diverse array of programs available to students. In each program, the principal’s student explained what they were learning, and offered hands-on experiences to immerse the principal into their day-to-day work.

“I enjoyed each program because the kids were so happy and passionate about what they were doing,” Boquet Valley Principal Elaine Dixon-Cross said. “I loved being taught to start a chainsaw. I loved learning how to pot plants. I loved cuddling the baby goat and the puppy, and I loved seeing my student running a welding machine. That was impressive and intimidating! And the fact that they just get right in there and do that was amazing. I’m very proud of all of them.”

Environmental Conservation & Forestry student Philip taught Principal Dixon-Cross how to safely operate a chainsaw, and she became the first principal to do so.


Other principals, like Peru Principal Matt Berry and Chazy Assistant Principal Krista Ringer, were pampered in Cosmetology. Students Bianka and Victoria gave their respective principals paraffin wax manicures, which hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

“The students have learned so much to be able to turn to us, as adults, and bring us around and show us the skills they have,” Ringer said. “The whole experience was wonderful — to see them proud and excited. They are really talented.”

As students walked around CV-TEC’s halls, their smiles grew big when they spotted their principal coming to visit their CTE program.

“One of the most important parts of education for any student, no matter what they’re doing, is relevancy. We get the most out of our students when they are engaged in something that is relevant to them,” Principal Berry said. “You can come here and see somebody who might not love picking up a math book, but they are completely and totally engaged at CV-TEC.”


In Digital Production & Multimedia Communications, Haylie worked with Plattsburgh Principal Daniel Valenzuela to design a new logo for his different social media platforms. Avah in Allied Health showed Principal Valenzuela how to do an EKG, which is the electrical signal from the heart to check for different heart activity.

“The importance of visiting for me is twofold. One to see the investment that we’re making with our students to diversify their educational experience,” Principal Valenzuela said. “Being a former employee of CVES prior to going to Plattsburgh High School, I already knew what the program did. But now being on the other side and coming to see it, full force with students, it’s great to build that rapport with kiddos and having some excitement.”

Students were able to show principals the full capacity of their programs and what CV-TEC’s facility offers.


Saranac Associate Principal Shannon Zagres saw the full force of the Animal Science programs. Miakayla brought Zagres to the barn where students take care of cows, pigs and chickens. She also met the goats, chicks and dogs inside CV-TEC.

“I’m the disciplinarian, so I like to have positive connections with the kids. And I was really hoping that I would have this opportunity,” Principal Zagres said. “I enjoy having those positive connections. Because sometimes when I see them, it’s not because of something positive. I think that the kids enjoy seeing us here too, so it’s good. It makes me happy and fills my heart.”


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