A Powerful Partnership Rise: Plattsburgh CSD Unite for Students

A vibrant new partnership between the Rise Center for Success and the Plattsburgh City School District is unlocking opportunities and igniting excitement for students.

This trailblazing collaboration has welcomed 16 Rise high school students into an innovative integrated learning environment at Plattsburgh High School (PHS).

These eager learners now have two dedicated Rise classrooms embedded within PHS.

Here, specialized Rise teachers and teacher assistants deliver robust support tailored to
each student’s needs. At the same time, the partnership provides access to traditional academic, extracurricular and social experiences at PHS. This best-of-both-world approach fosters inclusion, confidence, and individual growth.

Rise student Jayden raved about taking an astronomy class alongside PHS peers, remarking how science has always been a passion.

“I like being at Plattsburgh the most because I get to work with students my age,” Jayden said. “Science has just always been something I’ve been interested in, and I really like space. That was probably one of my favorite classes.”

He also plans to take forensics next semester and is considering clubs.

Every Rise student participates in integrated gym, allowing them to forge friendships and explore shared interests like weights or walking. These electives and activities, unavailable before, further validate that all students contribute to the Hornet family.

“The goal is to continue to build these programs throughout other districts,” School Psychologist Brigitte Phillips said. “There are students who can do well with support in district, and now we are building the road for it to be more accessible for other districts.”

The benefits flow both ways. PHS students act as role models, while gaining exposure to diverse learning needs. Plattsburgh content specialty teachers welcome collaboration, finding new techniques to reach and challenge every learner. Administrators have opened mapping and facilities to Rise staff, enabling coordinated support.

“This partnership beautifully blends the expertise of the Rise Center and PHS educators into an encouraging community where every student belongs,” Director of Special Education at the Rise Center for Success Dr. Matthew Slattery said. “We are deeply grateful for Plattsburgh’s partnership to come together to nurture students’ strengths, their sense of belonging, and exposure to a thriving high school ecosystem – the essential ingredients for nurturing their confidence and unlocking transformational outcomes.”


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