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Mr. Johnson’s Middle School Class

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Mr. Johnson’s middle school class recently completed their reading of Jerry Spinelli’s novel, Maniac MaGee. His students reflected upon and discussed these issues as they studied the text: family, friendship, literacy, homelessness, and racism. Next, this group will consider the concepts of judgment, rejection, stereotypes, and success in Loser, another Spinelli novel.

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The Character Trait for November is “Gratitude” All month long PBIS sponsored a Shelter Drive to raise donations for Elmore SPCA in Peru. Students came together and made dog biscuits to donate as well! Everyone who contributed should feel proud knowing that they made the lives of the shelter pups and kitties a little better! Elmore SPCA arrived to retrieve our generous donations. Students also enjoyed […]

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Mrs. McGowan

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The start of the 2019-2020 school year has been very busy for the 8-1-1 High School Life-skills students. Six of our 8 students have been working in the community at the Elizabethtown Thrift Store, the SPCA, Essex Industries and the Dogwood Bakery. Our students also work “inhouse” performing such tasks as working in the cafeteria, operating the school store, recycling and staff favorite “Friday Staff Lunch orders”. Our Essex Industries workers attended “Employee Appreciation” dinner at […]

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Ms. Omlin’s Class

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Ms. Omlin’s class has been very busy this school year! In social studies, they started their journey towards becoming global citizens by learning about continents and greeting each other in foreign languages. Ms. Omlin also likes to incorporate fun facts about her home country (Switzerland) that often results in surprised faces! Ms. Omlin’s students are beginning a continent research project, […]

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