Spring is Here in Ms. Lawrence’s Class

Dillan with his MarigoldsStudents and plants are growing in Ms. Lawrence’s classroom! Dillan, a student in her class, alongside staff member Mr. Lavoie, conducted an experiment on the effects of sunlight and darkness on how seeds grow and develop.

The experiment took two weeks. Two sets of marigold and bean seeds were planted and watered on a schedule. One set of seeds was put in total darkness. The second set was placed in a window where they could receive light daily.  Dillan kept a daily log tracking the growth of each set of plants.

The final result? At the end of the test, the plants growing in the light were green and healthy and ½ inch above the dirt. They found that the plants in the dark grew faster (the marigolds were 2 inches high and the beans 8 inches) but the plants were white and sickly looking. Dillan and Mr. Lavoie determined that the reason the plants in the dark were not healthy was due to the lack of sunlight.

It was a very interesting experiment and a fun way to learn.  Dillan originally thought that the plants in the light would grow and the ones in the dark would not.  The results of the experiment made it clear to him how important light really is to healthy plant growth.