Spelling with Endless Possibilities

We are back and so busy! In the elementary level 6:1:1 classroom students have enjoyed learning and spelling words using magnetic letters. Our students have been reading and spelling sight words from the reading series “Reading Street”. Currently we are reading stories about pets and how to care for our furry friends.

Many of our colorful bulletin boards at CVES have caught the eye of our students. Aidan read a bulletin board on the way to class and once he got to our classroom he went to the magnetic letters and spelled out “You are a Rainbow of Possibilities” (we helped with the spelling of possibilities) – that’s exactly how we see it so many possibilities! Our practicum student from SUNY Plattsburgh – Hannah Williams has done an outstanding job providing practice and reinforcement of common core math skills through the use of technology!

We know it’s going to be an exciting year 🙂