Seven-Member Board of Education Elected in the Elizabethtown-Lewis-Westport Central School District

For Immediate Release
Seven-Member Board of Education Elected in the Elizabethtown-Lewis-Westport Central School District
Elizabethtown, NY – January 29, 2019
On Tuesday January 29, 2019, the newly merged Elizabethtown-Lewis-Westport Central School District (ELWCSD) – now known as Boquet Valley Central School District – held an election for its initial seven-member Board of Education. The vote was held at the Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School from noon to 8:00 pm, and was conducted by electronic ballot. The Essex County Board of Elections provided the electronic vote counting machines and technical assistance.
Dr. Mark Davey, District Superintendent of Clinton – Essex – Warren – Washington BOCES, also known as Champlain Valley Educational Services (CVES) supervised the election with officials from the NYS Education Department. The Board of Canvass was responsible for inspecting the voting machines and poll books before the voting began; supervising the conduct of the voting including acceptance of challenges; canvassing the ballots following the closing of the polls including absentee ballots; reporting results to Dr. Davey and subscribing to the report to be submitted to the New York State Education Department.
Nineteen candidate threw their hats into the ring, and the seven candidates garnering the most votes will serve the following terms: the top three will serve three-year terms (until June 30, 2022), the fourth and fifth will serve two-year terms (until June 30, 2021), and the sixth and seventh will serve one-year terms (until June 30, 2020). Dr. Davey and the newly-elected Board members will meet soon to choose a date for the Board’s organizational meeting. At that meeting, the Board members will be sworn in and will begin their terms.
The results of the vote are as follows:
David Kirkby – 187
Dina Garvey – 243
James Carroll -185
Heather Reynolds – 447
Alan Jones – 295
Benjamin Goff – 155
Joshua Olcott – 110
Nicole Sudduth – 220
Thomas Kohler – 191
Danielle Bikowitz – 144
Jill Lobdell – 73
Micah Stewart – 210
Suzanne Russell – 308
Sarah Kullman – 263
Karin Demuro – 284
Robin Severance – 127
Douglas Spilling – 242
Andrea Denton – 91
Philip Mero – 457
Total Number of Ballots Cast: 639
Therefore, Philip Mero, Heather Reynolds, and Suzanne Russell will serve three-year terms from the date of the initial organizational meeting in February 2019 – June 30, 2022. Alan Jones and Karin Demuro will serve two-year terms from February 2019 – June 30, 2021. Sarah Kullman and Dina Garvey will serve one-year terms from February 2019 – June 30, 2020. The next election will be held in May 2020 for the two seats that expire in 2020 to serve full three-year terms so that the terms of service will be staggered moving forward.
In a statement at the conclusion of the vote tally, Dr. Davey congratulated the newly elected members of the ELW Board of Education.  “The new ELW district was fortunate to have an excellent field of 19 candidates to choose from in forming their new Board of Education.  I look forward to working with the new Board and the district in the months ahead. Now begins an exciting new chapter for both communities going forward.”     ​