Seven CV-TEC Students Medal at NYS SkillsUSA Championships

SkillsUSA is a student leadership organization for students training in trade, industrial, and health occupations with over 300,000 members nationwide. Our CV-TEC students participated in career and technical education competitions focusing on their particular trade area and in leadership competitions including Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board! Three students represented our center as part of the New York State Security Corps. We also had two student delegates who participated in the NYS SkillsUSA Delegation and 2017-2018 elections. GREAT JOB TEAM!

65 CV-TEC students competed at the Annual NYS SkillsUSA Championships held on April 26-28, 2017 in Syracuse, NY. Seven students were awarded medals. Three of our students placed first in their competitions and will be representing New York State at the SkillsUSA National Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, from June 19th through the 23rd. The state conference was impressive, with ALL students doing their very best. We are so very proud of you!

We would like to thank the CVES Board of Cooperative Services and our administration for their continued support of SkillsUSA, and our amazing instructors for doing such a wonderful job preparing our students for this event. Many thanks also goes to the SkillsUSA Lead Advisors: Nicole Santaniello and Mark Brown and the advisor team which consisted of Chef Bevan, Dana Grant, Michael Guillette, Jennifer Parker, Beverly Thwaits, Lori Ducharme, Jamie Armstrong, Maria Spadafora, Stuart Bailey, and Brett Bernhard. Your dedication to our students and organization was very much appreciated, and made the trip an outstanding success!