Right at Home

Right at Home

Management Services back together and stronger than ever

Management Services Division

CVES Communications and Publications Manager

The Management Services team at Champlain Valley Educational Services has been a bit  nomadic during the last few years, but the squad is back home with a much stronger connection.

The Management Services and Instructional Services divisions came together under one  roof at the Plattsburgh Satellite Campus at 518 Rugar St. this past September as part of  CVES’ Capital Project itinerary.

“Our team loves being in the new facility,” Assistant Superintendent of Management Services Eric Bell said. “We love having more of our organization together because it draws connections to all of our talent and assets. “One of the greatest things about being at CVES is we have talent across our organization. It’s nice for our team to see so many  other great employees who do so much for our area, community and school districts.”

While the move to come together has been appreciated by all, the process certainly  presented some challenges. Go back all the way to March 2020, and Management Services as well as other divisions and component school districts went remote due to the  COVID-19 pandemic. Fast forward to that summer, staff members began to return to their  offices, but the moving process was just starting.

The Management Services team went through multiple relocations, including moving  within the Satellite Campus building before splitting up and having most of the team head  to CV-TEC at the Plattsburgh Main Campus and some to ISC at its prior location hosted by  The Development Corporation.

“Our team had really come together by that point,” Bell said. “You’re talking about a group of people that already had to move once from one location back to the other end of our  building. We were simultaneously able to develop our Benefit Coordination Office and  grow.

“The layout we developed helped to build relationships among the team. We were more  efficient and found where disconnections had happened, and we were able to improve our procedures as well as our relationships among the whole team just by being in a tighter space.”

At one point during the process, Bell and his team thought moving into more close  quarters would prove to be detrimental, but when the division had to split to allow for  construction to continue in the summer of 2021, the connections and work relationships  were as strong as could be.

“That was probably the best thing that could happen for us as a team because the  connections and strengths we made helped us get through that time,” Bell said.

So now back at the Satellite Campus for good, Management Services is ready to keep  working, growing and doing its best to serve the North Country. With new offices, a fresh  feel and an emphasis on working together as one, Bell has great confidence in his team.

“Our team was patient during the whole process, and their flexibility was outstanding,” Bell said. “We are happy to be back together under one roof, and it’s going to be very exciting  to see what the future holds for us all. There are great things on the horizon.”