October 2019 CVES Regional Olympics Results

Happy Planksgiving everyone!

A big shout-out to both Beekmantown Central School and Plattsburgh City School who tied for the District Participation Award for the month of October with 29 faculty and staff participants each.  Great job all you Eagles and Hornets! A total of 77 people participated in this event!

Oh my goodness! We had our first “perfect” score in the Free Throw event! The overall top score, and the first perfect 13 out of 13, was earned by Pat Shaughnessy from Plattsburgh’s Stafford Middle School!  This is Pat’s first overall Regional Championship.  Go Pat!

Here are the Free Throw medal winners for the month of October, 2019.  If you know any of these people, or if they are a member of your staff, please recognize them for their participation and performance!

Men 40 and Over

Gold–Brad LaValley, 9/10, Plattsburgh

Silver–Jason Fiegl, 8/10, Boquet Valley

Silver–Tim Mulligan, 8/10, Plattsburgh

Bronze—Paul Buehler, 5/10, Boquet Valley

Bronze—Tom Daly, 5/10, CVES

Bronze—Gabe Girard, 5/10, Plattsburgh

Bronze—Dave Sponable, 5/10, Plattsburgh

Bronze—Gary Lambert, 5/10, Beekmantown


Men Under 40

Gold–Pat Shaughnessy, 13/13*, Plattsburgh

Silver—Lucas Cross, 9/10, CVES

Bronze—Matt Rabideau, 8/10, Plattsburgh

*New High Score across all levels.


Women 40 and Over

Gold—Sara Chapman, 7/10, Beekmantown

Gold—Jill Spring, 7/10, CVES

Silver—Megan Baehre, 5/10, Beekmantown

Bronze—Carrie Beattie, 4/10, Beekmantown

Bronze—Jennie Fox, 4/10, CVES

Bronze–Jean Gonyo, 4/10, CVES

Bronze—Janet Hankins, 4/10, Plattsburgh

Bronze—Kathleen Sciole, 4/10, Plattsburgh


Woman Under 40

Gold—Andrea Denton, 9/10, CVES

Silver—Lilly Whalen, 8/10, Boquet Valley

Silver—Kate Relation, 8/10, Plattsburgh

Bronze–Kristin Forttrell, 7/10, CVES

Bronze—Shae LaPorte, 7/10, Plattsburgh

Their medals will arrive electronically by email, sadly, they are no longer solid gold, silver, or bronze. The District Participation Winner: Tie (Plattsburgh and Beekmantown both had 25 participants!!)

Good times.


November’s Regional Olympic Event is the timed Elbow Plank.  The rules for this event are listed below:

Ground Rules (no pun intended)

  1. Lie on the floor with elbows directly beneath your shoulders and legs fully extended.
  2. Raise your torso into the air until it makes a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles.
  3. Tighten your stomach, and hold this position for as long as possible.
  4. The clock stops when any part of the body, save for your elbow/forearms and feet, touch the floor.

Physical Education staff (or Building Administrator/designee if P.E. not involved) will record your time to the nearest 1 second.  Results are due by Friday, December 6, 2019.

As always, there will be four categories for this event, with winners determined by gender and age.  Medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) will be awarded to both male and female participants in an under 40 (<40), a 40 and above (=/>40) category.  So, across the CVES BOCES Region, up to twelve medals will be awarded per month.  There is also a monthly award for the district with the highest percentage of staff participation.

Updates, including the guidelines and monthly medal winners, will be available on the CVES Regional Olympics webpage at https://www.cves.org/cves-regional-school-district-olympics/ .

“HAVE FUN”, eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise!

Keep calm and plank on.