Mineville Special Education Government Students Host a Mock Election!

IMG_6406Fall Family Night at Mineville CV-TEC and Special Education was a buzz of students and parents all enjoying the baked goods and reviewing the work the students had done since the school year had started. One unique element though, when you enter through the front doors of the campus…was two little booths set up with curtains and a gentlemen standing by with a stack of…ballots.

That evening, the students from the Special Education high school government class had arranged for all attendees of Mineville’s Fall Family Night to take part in a mock election.

Teacher Anthony Biasini elaborates about how this idea came to fruition, “We (the class) knew that the open house was coming and it was before Election Day they said ‘Well how about we have our own special election?’.”

IMG_6534The ballot listed four candidates for president (in no particular order), and room for a write in candidate.

  • Hillary Clinton (Democrat)
  • Donald Trump (Republican)
  • Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
  • Jill Stein (Green Party)

“So they have created a voting booth in the hallway and a bulletin board about the election. And tonight we are holding a mock election.” Mr. Biasini explained. Not mentioned was the red, white and blue “Vote for President” posters that currently decorate every corner of the campus that evening.

Several students took their lessons a step further and watched all the presidential debates as part of learning more about each candidate’s platform. Mr. Biasini described their interest in the topic was embolden by the idea that this is an event that they are living and breathing, something that they can be a part of. Also, discussed was the consequences of choosing to not be a part of it.

IMG_6539“My students have become really passionate about it. They have learned that when people don’t want to vote in an election, especially in this election, that a no vote is another vote for possibly the candidate they do not want,” he continued. “They have learned that every vote counts.”

53 votes were collected in the ballot boxes. And those who voted brandished a “I Voted” button for their participation.

Donald Trump won the special election by 2 of the votes over Hillary Clinton