CV-TEC Mineville Automotive Tech Students Are Heading to College

minveilleauto_cvesffCV-TEC Mineville would like to congratulate senior Anthony of Ticonderoga in the Automotive Tech in his recent acceptance to the SUNY Morrisville Ford ASSET Program.

“I grew up working on cars. And when I came here it help widen my variety of working on vehicles and it helped me find a lot of the colleges I have been looking at.” When it came to selecting SUNY Morrisville, Anthony says he had a friend who helped him make that decision after telling him about the FORD ASSET Program.

The Ford ASSET Option is a 2-year Associate’s Degree program where they learn on Ford supplied vehicles and train on Ford specific technologies. When students graduate from SUNY Morrisville’s ASSET program, they will be Ford certified in a variety of different areas – an A.A.S. in Automotive Technology and real world experience working with Ford dealerships through cooperative education opportunities.

In finding his way to college, Anthony said he was approached in his sophomore year of high school by a school guidance counselor who thought he would be interested in attending CV-TEC. When he came to the Mineville Campus for a tour, he said “I instantly wanted to be here. I know I wanted to do Automotive.”

“Here we pull a lot of engines apart and that is something I like to do.” Anthony explained when talking about the program. He enjoys working on the mechanical side of the automotive industry instead of electrical.

In discussing more about how CV-TEC helped him get to this point, especially in acquiring all his credits to go to college, he said “I have all the credits I need to go to college now.”

He took a tour of SUNY Morrisville last September and received his acceptance letter on October 24th.

“I would tell anyone to go there if they wanted to do automotive. They have one of the best automotive programs around here, New York State.”

When asked what his parents thought of how things were going in heading off to college, “They love it!” Anthony shared.

Another senior, Brian from Ticonderoga, in Automotive Technology was one of the students who received their instant acceptance into Hudson Valley Community College back in October is happy to have been accepted to one college already but he is also considering applying to the SUNY Morrisville Ford ASSET Option.

On his journey to CV-TEC, Brian says he had learned about the Automotive Tech program from field trips he took with Ticonderoga students to CV-TEC Mineville and decided he wanted to join the program.

“I’ve always liked engines.” Brian said.

From the staff at CV-TEC Mineville, best of luck guys!