Jumping into the 2019-20 CVES Regional Olympics with High Scores!

Good morning everyone!

A big shout-out to the Saranac Central School District who won the District Participation Award with 39 participants.  That works out to 8.1% of their employees.  Congratulations Saranac!  A total of 141 people participated in this event, including 13 from Boquet Valley Central who jumped their way to three medals!

Oh my goodness!  We had some crazy Jump Rope totals.  The overall top score was earned by Tracy Manor from Saranac Elementary School with a score of 961!  This is Tracy’s first overall Regional Championship.  Go Tracy!  The Jumping Rope runner-up was Cassie Sellers from Stafford Middle School who recorded an amazing 736 jumps.

Here are all the medal winners for the Jumping Rope event.  If you know any of these people, or if they are a member of your staff, please recognize them for their participation and performance!

Male- 40+

  1. Chris Buerkett- 193 (Saranac)
  2. Paul Buehler-107 (Boquet)
  3. Gary Lambert- 100 (Beekmantown)


Male- Under 40

  1. Mark Brown- 355 (CVES)
  2. Jason Favreau- 214 (Saranac)
  3. Matt Walentuk-202 (CVES)


Female- 40+

  1. Tracy Manor- 961 (Saranac)
  2. Cassie Sellers-736 (Plattsburgh)
  3. Sara Chapman-363 (Beekmantown)


Female- Under 40

  1. Elizabeth Canne- 316 (Boquet)
  2. Samantha Trudeau- 232 (Plattsburgh)
  3. Stephanie Omlin-228 (CVES)
  4. Ashley Hooper-220 (Boquet)


Their medals will arrive electronically by email, sadly, they are no longer solid gold, silver, or bronze.

Kudos to all who have participated to date!


October’s Regional Olympic Event is the Free Throw.   Last year’s benchmark of 11 was set by Saranac’s Shauna Kirk.

Contributor: Jeff Sisson, CVES School Employee Safety Risk Management Specialist and Co-Founder of the CVES Regional Olympics