CV-TEC Campuses Celebrates Unity Day

CV-TEC students at Plattsburgh Main Campus and Mineville Celebrated Unity Day by dressing in orange on Wednesday October 19th.

Unity Day is one of the first monthly events scheduled by student leaders following the Youth Empowerment Summit (YES) this past weekend.

“Today was a fantastic day at CV-TEC. As a school, we had the opportunity to extend the YES movement to our entire campus by wearing orange for Unity Day,” said Adam Facteau, Principal of CV-TEC’s Plattsburgh’s Main Campus.

“CV-TEC sent 6 students with two chaperones to the YES forum on October 11th with a charge to facilitate activities on campus to further “empower” our students to combat bullying and build character/throughout the school year. This was our first event, and it was amazing to see the student participation.”

Grace Stay, Principal of CV-TEC’s Mineville Campus also reported, “We sent three students to the Youth Empowerment Summit, with our school counselor. The students found the experience to be exciting and engaging, and many of their classmates and our staff participated by supporting the YES team by wearing orange for unity! We are looking forward to spreading the positive message of inclusion and tolerance throughout the year!

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