Benefits for All

Benefits for All

CVES Benefits Coordination Office providing excellent service
Management Services Division 

Communications and Publications Director

Since its creation in late 2020, the CVES Benefits Coordination Office (BCO) has provided CVES and its component school districts with both enhanced service and cost savings. This service grew out of the Clinton-Essex-Warren-Washington Health Care Consortium (CEWW Health), which provides health insurance for more than 10,000 school district employees, their families, and retirees from CVES and its component school districts. The BCO also administers the CEWW Workers Compensation Consortium on behalf of CVES and its components.

Vicki Demarse-Giroux, CVES Benefits Director, leads the BCO Team consisting of Benefits  Specialist Emilee Quantock, and Benefits Specialist/CEWW Health Consortium Recording Secretary Jessie Moulton.

The BCO is responsible for all member enrollments, status changes, open enrollments,  centralized billing, mandated member notices and member communications. The BCO  works with Empire BlueCross to ensure the plan is being administered effectively. The BCO has administered several special projects since its creation: Dependent Eligibility  Audit, HIPAA Compliance Audit, Medicare Member Review Audit, Member Data Update, RDS Lookback and reopening.

These audits have resulted in savings of more than half a million dollars for CVES and its  component districts. “We continue to look for ways to save our districts money while providing best-in-class health coverage for our members,” Demarse-Giroux said. District  and member communications are a priority for the BCO. In recent months, it launched a  new website

“We partnered with ISC’s Communications Department to create a website to promote enhanced communication with our component districts and with CEWW Health members,” Demarse-Giroux said. “It truly is a one-stop shop for our members’ health care needs. “The website offers quick access to a variety of Empire BlueCross programs: 24-Hour  Nurse Line, Telemedicine, RX Home Delivery, MyStrength – Mental Health Program, many  other services and information about our Consortium services.”

The website also links to Empire’s Sydney Health mobile app. Sydney ensures that  members can access care at any time, including mental health awareness. The BCO  continues to prioritize member communications and outreach through Retiree Coffee Hours, Fireside Chats, District Visits, Monthly Wellness Challenge Communications, and  annual mailings. The CVES Health contract with Empire includes grant funding for wellness programs. The BCO has created a Monthly Wellness Challenge for active employees and  retirees that started in October 2021, and it will run through June 2022. For example, this  program is participation-focused. Participants are entered into a monthly drawing by  entering results on the website.

Challengers can win a variety of prizes such as FitBits, skis, bicycles, snowshoes, gym  memberships and much more.

“It is a great way for Empire to partner with our District Employees and Retirees to focus  on wellness,” Demarse-Giroux said.

The BCO continues to work with Empire on efficiencies and customer service for our  members and strategize and plan daily to meet the needs of our members and districts.

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