Audio Engineering and Music Production

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CV-TEC’s new Audio Engineering and Music Production 101 is a 120-hour course designed to prepare our students with the knowledge to obtain an entry level position in the audio engineering and music production fields. This course is designed to be the first of three in a series that take the student through an informative, fun, hands-on learning experience. We will provide each student with the knowledge and portfolio to achieve success in the audio industry. This course is also your first step toward potential professional internship opportunities upon completion of the other courses in this series. (120 course hours)

Curriculum Covered Topics: Fundamentals of microphones, Fundamentals of signal flow, Fundamentals of using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Applying skills to live recording sessions

Credentials Earned: CV-TEC Certificate of Completion Credential

For more details, please click here to view the Adult & Continuing Education Spring 2023 Catalog



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