ADK P-TECH Takes 8th Place at Robotics Competition

Team RoBEEtics and BEEtrice the robotA few rising stars appeared today before the ADK P-TECH Leadership meeting following their 8th place finish in this past weekend at a robotics competition in Albany, NY. Team RoBEEtics brought their robot BEEtrice to the CVES Instructional Services Center to discuss their growing success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) studies through ADK P-TECH.

“ADK P-TECH is housed at the Peru Central School District, it’s a school within a school, and we get students from four different districts. They come from Peru, Saranac, Plattsburgh, and Beekmantown,” Dean Delano, the program’s technology teacher explained. “So they do the first three and a half years on the Peru campus and then they go to Clinton Community College for their chosen pathway. In their freshmen year, students take a college-level computer applications class, so they are college students in their first year of high school.”

repairsTeam RoBEEtics is composed of four bright students from different districts: Bryce and Sally from Beekmantown Central School, Logan from Plattsburgh City School District, and Alyssa from Saranac Central School.

Sally elaborates more on ADK P-TECH, “It stands for Pathways in Technology Through Early College High School. Our school offers a way to get your college education started in high school and work in a project based learning program.”

While tinkering with BEEtrice before their presentation, Bryce explained what the robot does and how it was created, “It’s designed so that when you drive up to a beacon on the wall, it pushes a button and changes the color. It is also designed to push particle balls into the other alliance robots so they can throw the balls into a basket.”

It took the students a month to build their robot, which was a tight timeline compared to other students competing against them in this past weekend’s competition. Bryce explained that their team would spend a couple of hours a day and some weekends each week working on BEEtrice.

“Some of the other teams had a year to build their robot, and we still came in 8th place with ours,” Logan shared. 8th place is a great start for Team RoBEEtics among the 22 other teams that competed in Albany.

battleringIn addition to all the learning experience that ADK P-TECH offers these students, Alyssa expressed her pleasure in another aspect of the program’s unique opportunities, “The four of us don’t really hang out with each other, so we got closer when we went to Albany. Two of us are juniors, Logan is a sophomore and I’m a freshman. When we went to Albany we had a lot of fun. P-TECH brings us closer together, especially with robotics”.

Alyssa and Logan share an interest in the mechanical engineering pathway. Sally is studying computer information and Bryce is expanding his knowledge in renewable energy.

Another local robotics competition may be in their future in early April.