A Team of Livestreamers Together on Graduation Day


A Team of Livestreamers Together on Graduation Day

PLATTSBURGH — Graduation day is exciting for so many reasons, but what happens behind the scenes can also be fascinating.

On Friday, June 24, our Communications Department was right in the heart of graduation season and pulled off an exciting feat — livestreaming five component district graduation ceremonies happening all at once at five separate locations.

“The planning, teamwork and ability to adjust to situations on the fly was remarkable as we prepared for all these graduations and then produced the livestreams,” CVES Communications and Publications Manager Joey LaFranca said.

“This was one of those times where our team really came together, and I could not be prouder of how we served our school districts.”

Photo of the LIVE Streaming Set-Up


The graduation night featured ceremonies at AuSable Valley, Peru, Plattsburgh, Saranac and Willsboro.

Communications and Publications Coordinator Matt Smith was stationed at Saranac, while Publications Specialists Megan Manson and Eddie Vega were at AuSable Valley and Peru, respectively.

LaFranca was stationed in Willsboro, and the Communications Department even received assistance from CVES Computer Specialist Ted Santaniello who attended the Plattsburgh ceremony.

“To receive the help we did from Ted shows what is special about CVES,” LaFranca said. “We only have four full-time members in our department, so we were looking for some assistance. Ted stepped up and was happy to help us. That allowed the night to be a huge success.”


Leading up to the district graduations, the Communications Department also livestreamed graduation ceremonies for both the Plattsburgh and Mineville CV-TEC campuses as well as OneWorkSource Adult Literacy.

Throughout the month of June, Manson did an excellent job making sure all livestream links were set up correctly, and Vega created excellent graphics for all the ceremonies.
Vega even made sure to hold a livestream refresher course for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) with the communications team and Santaniello, which was great practice before the big night.

“I was so impressed with everyone and their determination to be prepared as possible for these ceremonies,” LaFranca said. “At the end of the day, this is all about our students, their families and our component districts. We want to always provide a great service to them.”


After a great night of hard work, it was extremely satisfying for the entire Communications Department to know all the graduations were successfully recorded.

One by one, each member of the team signed off for the night and told each other their streams were over and ceremonies had concluded.

“My graduation finished up last at Willsboro, but throughout the night, I got to see communication from our entire team in our group chat saying their graduations were over and everything was a success,” LaFranca said.

“That was awesome to see and truly a great end to the week. The night certainly showed us what we are capable of, and we look forward to expanding upon our communications services in the future.”

Photo of another look at the LIVE Streaming Set-Up

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