A New Vision

CV-TEC Division, from CVES SUCCESS Stories: Issue XI 2019-2020 (pdf)

New Visions: Applied Engineering is a new, competitive, application-based program for high school seniors expressing an interest in a post-secondary educational experience in the field of engineering. This rigorous one-year exploratory program is for select college-bound seniors planning to major in Engineering or related fields.

The academic curriculum is combined with practical applied work experience as students engage in STEM concepts at the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and clinical observations with business partners in the field. The program will incorporate dual enrollment in college and high school credit-bearing coursework with career exploration and Work-Based Learning experiences in Applied Engineering. Students will participate in daily half-day sessions for the course of the school year during the senior year. The purpose of this program is to increase student success with determining a college major and career pathway in the field of Engineering and/or related fields while completing dual high school and college credit-bearing coursework.

The program will have two locations: one in Essex County and one in Clinton County based at the respective CV-TEC centers; each with dual credit options at both Clinton Community College and North Country Community College.

CV-TEC Director Michele Friedman described the new program, “CV-TEC is thrilled to be developing a New Visions: Applied Engineering program to satisfy the needs of our community along with aligning our programming to what we’re finding a large population of our high school students are aspiring to study.”

“In keeping with our New Visions model of excellence, this program will allow students to explore a broad spectrum of components in the engineering field – many of which students may not have been aware of. We also wanted to broaden the scope to include opportunities at The Institute of Advanced Manufacturing to allow students to see the engineering connection for the additive manufacturing technologies and other advanced manufacturing opportunities within the area.”

On December 3, 2020, CV-TEC held the first of many events to introduce this new program to potential students – the Junior Experience Kickoff Day. This event was attended by 50 students who are interested in engineering, including an impressive number of female students, representing most of our component school districts. It will be followed up by the Junior Experience Day on March 17, 2020 at Clinton Community College’s Institute for Advanced Manufacturing.

Crown Point junior Brennan Mazzotte attended the Junior Experience Kickoff Day at CV-TEC’s Satellite campus, where the potential students were organized into teams to design and build an emergency shelter with found materials (cardboard, duct tape, etc.) to be used after a disaster such as a hurricane. Brennan’s team won the competition.
“I thought it was a really good experience that shined a new light on me for what engineering is,” said Brennan. “I’m really excited to see what else there is to come of the next 2 days, to see more of what the course is going to be like. It was really fun, I got to meet new people who were really cool.”

“The design was the most interesting part. I thought that construction was just following a design, but sitting down and building it was the most challenging part, but was also fun. I think that we followed the rubrics that they gave us really well. For example, the roof had to be pitched a certain degree, which I made sure to incorporate into our design.”
Brennan’s mother, Crown Point Counselor Joanne Mazzotte recruited students to participate in Junior Experience Kickoff Day, “I conducted a survey among eligible candidates, those who met all the initial criteria and who would like to go to CV-TEC and check it out. It’s going to be a competitive program. Students have to be on track to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma with a minimum overall GPA of 85 and also have interest in engineering. Seven of our eligible students were interested in the program.”

CV-TEC Director Michele Friedman summed up the aim of the New Visions: Applied Engineering program, “Ultimately, we would like the students to go and explore the field of engineering, get their degrees in engineering, and then come back to the North Country and serve our community in that field. That is the goal.”