A Growing Tech Team Features Plenty of Fresh Excitement

A Growing Tech Team Features Plenty of Fresh Excitement

Instructional Services Division

CVES Communications and Publications Manager

Evolution and technology go hand in hand.
The Instructional Technology Co-Ser at Champlain Valley Educational Services evolves by the day. There’s plenty of exciting new opportunities on the horizon, and Network and Systems Coordinator Alex St. Pierre is leading the way.

“This started out with us just doing some basic things and helping out a district or two, but now, we are much more than that,” St. Pierre said.

The service supports the integration of technology into the curriculum by providing technology planning, technical support, regional curriculum and staff development coordination, software and hardware professional development, and optimum technology tool purchasing.


“I love going in and seeing how we can help the districts and enhance their security and streamline the processes,” said Haley Taylor, a network and systems technician. “As a lot of people know, education is a huge target right now, and hackers are looking to exploit any confidential data they can.”

Services vary from district to district, but the clients have increased for the squad, as it
now is partnered in various ways with Crown Point, Chazy, Plattsburgh, Peru, Saranac, Keene, Willsboro, Northeastern Clinton, Boquet Valley and Schroon Lake.

“Right now we have a good foundation in our department, and we can help those other
districts enhance their security by implementing multi-factor authentication and removing obsolete equipment that is no longer supported and poses a security risk,” Taylor said.

The growing Co-Ser is enticing to districts due to the coordinator, consultants and equipment purchased and maintained being aid eligible. The end goal is making sure the collaborative efforts between the Co-Ser and school districts results in planning,
selection, implementation and evaluation of appropriate educational technologies  promoting engaged and meaningful learning environments for students.

For some of the crew, which is comprised of seven individuals, it spends half or a bit more of the week working specifically in districts. Taylor is one of these team members, working three days a week in the Plattsburgh City School District, and the rest of her time is spent in-house at CVES.

“The environment here at CVES has been fantastic,” Taylor said. “At first I was a bit intimidated because everyone here is so smart and professional, but then I quickly realized everyone is so accepting and respectful. All you have to do is show that you want to learn, and they have your back.”

In addition to St. Pierre and Taylor, the rest of the Co-Ser members include Matt Palkovic, Brandon Johnson, Joseph Lamoy, Tavin Head and Ted Santaniello.

“In the end, the client being happy is our most important priority,” St. Pierre said. “We have had a lot of great positive feedback from this, and we can’t wait to continue to have it grow even further.”