Itinerant Services

Upon request of the local school district, itinerant personnel are available to provide support services to district programs.

Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing: Co-ser 301
A certified teacher provides services to a student with a hearing loss. The services may be direct or consultative and include evaluation, general education, staff support and assistance with appropriate technology for the hearing impaired. This service is provided within the regular school building.

Teacher of Speech and Hearing - Special Education: Co-ser 302
A certified teacher provides services to special education students who exhibit difficulties with language and articulation.

Guidance and Counseling: Co-ser 303
Services are provided by a certified school counselor, school social worker or school psychologist.

Interpreter for the Deaf/Hearing Impaired: Co-ser 306
An interpreter provides services for students who participate in the educational mainstream.

Teaching Assistant/Aide for Special Education: Co-ser 307
This service provides individual assistance to a student who is in need of support in his or her school environment.

School Psychologist: Co-ser 308
Services are provided by a certified school psychologist who can perform psycho-educational assessments, individual counseling, and serve on the Committee on Special Education.

Teacher of the Blind/Visually Impaired: Co-ser 309
Services include Braille instruction and specially designed materials such as large print texts and assistance with appropriate technology. Orientation and mobility and rehabilitation services may also be available.


Teacher of Speech and Hearing - General Education: Co-ser 311
The service of a certified teacher of Speech and Hearing provides speech improvement services.

Physical Therapy: Co-ser 321
A licensed Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant to facilitate development of a student's gross motor skills provides physical therapy.

Occupational Therapy: Co-ser 323
A licensed Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapist Assistant to facilitate development of a student's fine motor skills provides occupational therapy.

Assistive Technology: Co-ser 324
This service assists students in the selection, acquisition or use of assistive technology devices (e.g. adaptive computer equipment, communication systems). The service may be direct or consultative.

Preschool Committee on Special Education: Co-ser 550
This service provides clerical support for the district's Preschool Committee on Special Education. Referral, consent to evaluate, due process, CPSE meetings, STACs, BOE notification and record keeping responsibilities are some of the services provided through this co-ser.

Note: CVES Special Education Division will assist the school districts in providing other special education services as they are requested. In the past, requests for shared services have included a Committee on Special Education Chairperson, Medicaid reimbursement support services, and Transition Services.

For More Information:

Bonnie Berry, Interim Director Special Education Division 518-561-0100